Google Sells Google Domains to Squarespace: A Shift in Domain Registration


In a surprising move, Google has decided to divest itself of its domain registrar business, Google Domains, and has reached an agreement to sell it to Squarespace. This unexpected shift marks a significant change in the domain registration landscape and has raised questions about the future of Google's involvement in the domain industry. This blog post delves into the details of the acquisition and explores the implications it may have for customers and the domain registration market as a whole.

The Handover: Google's Decision to Focus

Google's decision to sell Google Domains stems from its desire to streamline its operations and focus on its core areas of expertise. With Squarespace's strong presence as a website builder and domain management provider, Google saw an opportunity to ensure a smooth transition for its customers while entrusting the future of domain registration to a trusted partner. The handover of approximately 10 million domains owned by Google customers to Squarespace will undoubtedly reshape the landscape of domain registration services.

Squarespace's Promise of Continuity and Incentives

Squarespace, a well-established platform for building websites, has committed to honoring customers' existing renewal prices for the next 12 months, ensuring a sense of continuity for Google Domains users. Moreover, Squarespace plans to provide incentives for customers to build their websites on its platform, creating a seamless integration between domain registration and website creation. While this may benefit customers seeking a unified website-building experience, those who solely use Google Domains for domain registration may need to assess whether Squarespace offers added value.

Considerations for Google Workspace Users

Google Workspace customers, who have relied on Google Domains to register domains conveniently within the Workspace environment, will experience a shift in their domain registration process. Going forward, Squarespace will become the default domain provider for Workspace users, offering domain registration through its platform. However, customers still have the freedom to purchase domains from other providers and link them back to Workspace. This flexibility aims to accommodate the diverse needs of Workspace users and ensure they can choose the domain registration option that suits them best.

The Market Impact: Competition and Alternatives

Squarespace's acquisition of Google Domains consolidates its position as a key player in the domain registration market. With Google's departure from the domain registrar space, competitors in the industry may seize the opportunity to differentiate themselves and offer innovative solutions to attract former Google Domains customers. This acquisition may pave the way for new players to emerge and reshape the market dynamics, promoting healthy competition and providing customers with a diverse range of domain registration options.

The Future Beyond 2024:

While the definitive agreement between Google and Squarespace is set to close in the third quarter of 2023, the complete transition of domains to Squarespace's management will likely extend into 2024 and beyond. As the transfer progresses, customers can expect more information regarding any required actions and potential changes to domain management. It remains to be seen how Squarespace will leverage its acquisition to enhance its domain registration services and whether it will introduce new features and offerings to cater to the diverse needs of domain owners.


Google's decision to sell Google Domains to Squarespace marks a significant shift in the domain registration landscape. While the acquisition ensures continuity for existing Google Domains customers, it also creates an opportunity for Squarespace to expand its services and cater to a broader customer base. As customers adapt to the transition and competitors react to the changing market dynamics, the future of domain registration will witness innovation and evolution.

Tue Jun 20 2023