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But I already own a similar domain. Why do I need another one?

The answer is pretty simple. You will get more exposure for your website and bring in more clients; thus, it will pay itself within a short amount of time. A similar domain name will protect your brand and online identity, not allowing your competitors to draw customers from you. Another domain name can also help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and impact your online marketing.

No. You can redirect natural type-in traffic from the new domain to your existing website. It's a quick and straightforward process. Just change the nameservers to point to your existing website. We will gladly do this for you. Just give us a call.

Quite often, people only remember the name of the company but not the name of the actual website. Having multiple domains centered around your name and business increases the chances of the traffic going to you and not the competition.

No. All you have to do is change the nameservers to point to your existing website or give us a call, and we will do it for you.

Yes. It is a one-time payment, and we will never bill you again for this domain. Instead, you will receive one year of free registration as well. However, once that year expires, you will have to renew your domain with your registrar. That usually costs between $10 and $15 per year, with no hidden charges depending on the registrar itself.

Having a trademark does not prevent other people from using unregistered versions of your trademark for other legal or illegal reasons. A good example is, a trademark just for your branch in the industry and quite often just for your region of the world. Defensive registering will help protect your brand and business.

If you are unhappy with our service for any reason, you can ask for your money back in full within 14 days of purchase. Just push the domain back to our account, and we will refund you in full.